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Discussion in 'Accepted' started by Wauler, Oct 4, 2018.

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  1. Wauler

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    Oct 31, 2016
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    Before I start, I would like to say that I heeded the warning and advice given to me by Panda (Banning Admin of the First and Second one) and Xylo (Community Manager) and the advice stating that if I did get banned again, I would most likely not get an accepted appeal. However, I will still try as I made an honest mistake this time round.

    Steam Name: <Walnut>

    Steam ID: <STEAM_0:0:25458159>

    Steam Community Link: <http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198011182046 | http://steamcommunity.com/id/Col-or-kick>

    Administrator who Banned you: <ɐpuɐd>


    Your Explanation of the Situation:

    <Recently, as you all probably know, I was banned for 4 weeks for Metagame by Panda. The Metagame in THAT instance was me being OVERLY friendly with NotNobody, giving him T weapons and vice versa. I appealed for that and got accepted on the condition that I would be given a warning. That warning was that if I metagamed again, I would be instantly banned again for 4 weeks and have little chance at an accepted appeal. Fast Forward to today, I made 2 metagame mistakes in 1 round as well as a few minor mistakes today. The two major mistakes was when I hit my Discord Push-To-Talk button instead of my Traitor Team Mic Chat button and said (in discord) that I placed slams at the bottom of the Secret Knife vent on ttt_orange at the start of the round. Ultimately it didn't harm any T-Buddies except myself and I died to them as Panda shot them, blowing me up. This angered me a little and around 30 seconds later, fellow traitor Green Inferno Stabbed him. I was pleased and said (in Discord) I was glad that you got stabbed, Panda. That 2nd one slipped my mind completely and although it did not affect the round much at all, it was breaching the warning given to me.>

    Why you should be unbanned:

    <I could probably go on a rant on how we all make honest mistakes all the time and I could probably say that people have fun whilst I am on (not to say that they do have fun BECAUSE I am on) but I won't. I was given my warning by Panda and the CM's and I accepted it. I am making this appeal purely because I love the server NOT to play it for a month. If it did get accepted, another warning would probably be given to me detailing that if/when I did it again, it would probably be a Perma Ban. Anyway, I do want to play the server again and they Were honest mistakes but they still broke the agreement and for that I apologise.>

    Anything else you would like to add:

    <I just wanted to say this last thing, Xylo said to me through Discord DMs that I should avoid being banned like the last one because I could possibly lose my Respected Rank as a result and now that I am banned, I would like to say that this would be my third strike and would completely understand the removal of my respected rank. That being said, if it is removed, I will probably apply again soonish and if it isn't removed, I would be eternally grateful :3>
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    Aug 19, 2018
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    Posting under General Guidelines/Rules clause three
    • Member: Witnesses (as mentioned within the thread) OR those directly involved with the Banning/PGagging admin at time of ban/pgag
    • Reasons: Providing own evidence as applicable to ban/pgag reason (chat/damage logs, video evidence, voice comms) and contextual testimony (with or without evidence)
    Because I wasn't directly mentioned in Wauler's post and didn't directly interface with ɐpuɐd, this may violate the clause, but because I was in the discord at the time I believe it is relevant.

    This happened on the map orange

    Wauler (walnut in game at that time, wauler on discord) said he had planted slams in the vents over discord, was told that he'd accidentally said that in discord, his reply indicated that it was an accident. Another user (I think unnamed) said that they had found those slams, a short while later they blew up. A short time later I heard wauler remark over discord that he was glad that ɐpuɐd had been stabbed. I am not sure who was alive at the time, I was dead and I believe insulting someone for blocking me from jumping in the knife game.

    Soon after Wauler was banned with no warning or comment from ɐpuɐd in game or in discord (granted this could have been in pm's). Two people asked why, ɐpuɐd said because people were still alive when he'd said stuff then said that Wauler could appeal it on the forums.

    I'll delete this part if it isn't allowed

    I understand there's history here but as a witness to it both in game and out, this seems an unjustified overreaction.

    Finally if this isn't allowed, would I be able to be messaged why? I'd just like to know for future reference if it is because I wasn't directly mentioned or for other reasons.
  3. ɐpuɐd

    ɐpuɐd #exposed Staff Member TTT Admin

    Apr 11, 2018
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    Not really much for me to say here as you put why you were banned in your original post but I'll expand on it a bit.

    With the original metagaming instance, you told us (the people in discord) there were slams in the vents on ttt_orange_v7 but claimed it was an accident and that you had pressed the wrong button. I let this slide as it seemed like a genuine accident.

    With the second part of the round I had just been knifed by green inferno and in discord you were talking about me and then immediatly said "yes he got knifed" when electro was still alive and was in discord. I get that you had been blown up by your own slams so I get that you were frustrated but it doesnt excuse the fact that you still metagamed here.

    As much as you're fun to play on the server with, you have broken the metagaming rule multiple times and I've been lenient to you beforehand giving you a stern warning and yet you didn't seem to learn.

    I'm pretty sure that the other people in discord were @electro599 @Straight_Bender @green inferno
  4. Ailuros

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    Feb 9, 2017
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    We're going to give you another chance.
    However, with that said either myself or Xylo (or both) will be having a chat with you in more detail about this ban and similar future situations.
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