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    You may contact an admin at any time by placing @ at the start of your message in server chat! Use this channel for official server requests / queries to staff online.

    Quick Tips (try F1 too):
    • TTT is a game of innocents (and detectives) v traitors
    • As innocent, never kill another player without valid reasoning.
    • Killing a traitor will make you a proven innocent to others!
    • Detectives are always innocent and can press “C” to access weapons.
    • Traitors are outnumbered but know who is who, press “C” for weapons.
    • Traitors be mindful of your fellow traitors and warn them of explosives!
    • Type !taunts in chat to open the taunt shop.
    • Type !report to report a random death match (RDM) if killed without reason.
    • Pressing “F3” will open the point shop and sprint by double tapping “W”
    • Special event rounds are always team vs team. No FFA killing.
    • Please ask if you are unsure of something, most of us won’t bite.
    • Be friendly! Your fun should not cost other people their fun!
    Rules of RDM
    RDM is a common acronym for “Random Death Match”. It describes any unprovoked kill made in game and is punishable if reported by the victim. This applies to every innocent kill and to traitor kills made against other traitors. Below are the main rules of RDM.
    • You may not kill players based solely on:
      • Sounds, player models, trails, location or weapon used
      • You calling live checks, you may use them but not kill from them
      • You claiming rooms, you have no rights to restrict rooms
      • Player destroying traitor equipment / weapons
    • You may call a KOS (Kill on Sight) on a player for:
      • Player damaging you or proven (e.g., detective) for any amount
      • Player calling KOS on you or on a proven player
      • Player damaging a proven player
      • Player attempting to cause damage to you and/or others, including via incendiary grenade or discombob on certain maps
      • Player traitor baiting such as saying “I am a traitor
      • Player use or possession of unclaimed ‘traitor’ weapons (ask if unsure)
      • Player in traitor only room (without claiming to be so)
      • Player is actively helping a traitor
      • Player destroying/discarding the map tester, innocent victory items or detective equipment
      • Player clearly not identifying a corpse with opportunity given
      • Identifying player as the only unproven left alive (besides yourself)
      • Player being AFK (in overtime only)
    • You may relay a KOS on a player for:
      • Someone else’s not invalid KOS on player (unless player called them out first)
      • A valid High Sus called on player once it becomes overtime
      • Detective or proven player calling a KOS on / or shooting player
    • You may call a High Sus (KOS in overtime) for:
      • Player clearly not following a valid KOS called
      • Player refusing to use a traitor tester
      • Player refusing to shoot G3 (to prove its unsilenced)
      • Player claiming proven with clearly false reasoning
      • Player following you after giving them 3 warnings, each 5 seconds apart
      • 95% belief of player performing KOSable action above
      • Player believed to have activated a traitor trap
    Server rules:
    • NO offensive use of language, jokes, slurs or insults is permitted in any context or medium (e.g., steam handle, avatars, crowbar carvings etc.). Including:
      • Racial slurs e.g., ni**** (or any variation).
      • Homophobia e.g., f*g, f*ggot
      • Mental illness e.g., downy, autistic, retard
      • Sexual abuse e.g., rape, paedophilia, beastiality, necrophiliac
      • Sexism (No matter what someone identifies as)
      • Genocide, nazism, suicide, terrorism, abortion, etc. (eg: holocaust, 9/11, kill yourself, swastikas).
      • Graphic media content e.g, inappropriate youtube links (keep it PG)
      • Will result in warnings and action from staff based on the severity and intent
    • NO RDM (refer to “Rules of RDM” above). Punishments for RDM include:
      • 1 slay per RDM.
      • 1 impairment of HP or slay for significant damage or attempted RDM (ARDM).
      • 2 slays for RDM and leaving before punishment.
      • 1 week ban for mass RDM (3 RDM or 2 RDM and leave during map)
      • Propkilling, discombobs and explosive devices (e.g., turtles, barrels, incendiary grenades) all follow the rule of RDM
    • NO ‘minging’:
      • Joining with the intent to ruin the game for others
      • Targeting players specifically for kills / abuse / following
      • Harassing the admin staff excessively over rules or decisions made
      • Will result in receiving warnings and a ban if necessary
    • NO spam of voice chat or text chat, including
      • Singing
      • Screaming
      • Playing music through your microphone
      • Excessive advertising, use of binds, or cussing
      • Illegible spam or steam tag
      • It will result in a warning and then gags, mutes, kicks or bans.
    • NO prop blocking / barricading, including:
      • Throwing props down ladders or in blockable areas
      • Blocking or damaging players
      • Blocking rooms / doors in any way
      • Interfering with players while dead as a prop
      • Players affected can give 3 warnings each 5 seconds apart before calling a KOS. You will be warned and kicked or banned if necessary
    • NO false reports, including:
      • Reporting players for no reason
      • Creating reports with jibberish or abuse
      • Explain the situation or it will be ignored and you may be warned or slain.
    • NO delaying of a round:
      • Traitors must go to innocents in most cases
      • Innocents must be in a reachable area to avoid delaying
      • Delaying will cause you to be immediately slain after warnings.
    • NO metagaming or ghosting:
      • Sharing information (who is T, locations) over 3rd party comms/pms
      • Grouping up with your friends regardless of your role in game
      • Giving weapons to innocents as traitor
      • Letting innocents into traitor rooms (unless you have a valid reason)
      • Will result in a 1 month or permanent ban.
    • NO hacking / cheating or advertising related software / websites.
      • You will be permanently banned.
    • NO exploiting, including:
      • Prop surfing to unreachable areas
      • General exploiting of unintended map issues
      • Exploiting the portable tester hitbox
      • Playing on general ignorance of rules
      • You will be be teleported or slain at admins discretion
    • NO streaming or public sharing of your game play on this server
      • You will be warned and permanently banned if necessary.
    • NO spoilers of any recent movies, television programs or major sporting events, including any “fake” information that could be interpreted as spoilers.
      • If it is within 1 month of premier, it is always spoiling.
      • If it is within 1 - 12 months, be considerate about the wishes of other players before spoiling content. It may still result in a ban.
      • If it is over 1 year old, you may speak freely unless it is against the request of a player.
      • It will result in a ban based on the spoiler severity and intent.
    Disclaimer: Not EVERY rule needs to be written, if you are told not to do something by admins, follow it (Community Managers have the final say on rules)

    In short, don't be a belligerent asscandle. The admin team are here to help you, not to be a pain in the ass =)

    If you have an issue with the rules or conduct of a staff member, please PM @Ailuros or @Xylo on discord or the forums.

    See the TTT Glossary Document for further explanations on terminology used here.

    Special thank you to @Obi-Juan Kenobi and @A-J for all their help with writing up this document :heart:
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