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    This document contains basic glossary terms and situations that are used either in the UPDATED Message of the Day (MOTD) or in general game-play.

    This is aimed to clarify and elaborate on situations stated in the !motd, terminology commonly used by admins and players alike during the game.

    This document will be updated as we update the !motd changes. If you have any questions, comments, queries or concerns please contact Myself, @Obi-Juan Kenobi, the @TTT Admin or the @Community Manager

    Please note this has been modified from Feldma's original post.

    Glossary of Key TTT Terms:

    Innocent: Innocents make up the majority of the players. They must work together, along with the Detectives, to find the traitors and kill them! However, they never know who they can really trust! (besides Detectives, obviously).

    Detective: One in every eight players is a Detective. Detectives spawn with a “DNA Scanner”, and can open and buy items from the Detective Shop. They are marked by a blue name on the Scoreboard, and a blue circle around your cursor when you look at them ingame.

    Traitor: The heavily outnumbered minority. The aim of the Traitors is to kill all the Innocents and Detectives. Only the traitors know who their teammates are, so they must use this to their advantage to outsmart the other players. Traitors have access to the Traitor Shop, where they can buy equipment and weapons. Traitors can identify fellow Traitors by a red banner over their name on the Scoreboard, a “T” in a red box above their Playermodel and a red circle around your cursor when you look at them in game.

    Traitor / Detective Shop: The shop a traitor or detective can access to purchase a weapon, commonly referred to as a Traitor Weapon or Detective Weapon, that is only accessible by that class. The Shop is opened by pressing “C”. Purchasing anything from the shop requires Credits, which can be gained in multiple ways.

    Traitor / Detective Weapon: A weapon or tool that only Traitors or Detectives can purchase via the Traitor / Detective Shop. If a player has not Claimed a Traitor Weapon and they are not Proven, you can KOS the player! Players do not need to Claim Detective Weapon’s.

    Credits: The currency used by Traitors and Detectives to buy items from the Traitor / Detective Shop. You can gain Credits by:
    1. Killing Detectives as Traitors
    2. Killing Traitors as Detective
    3. Identifying dead Traitor / Detectives with Credits on them as a detective or traitor
    4. As Traitor, killing numerous Innocents.
    Preparing Stage / Pre-Round: The 10 second interval at the beginning of a round where all players spawn and search for weapons. Players cannot inflict damage onto other players during this stage. Any damage taken by external forces (e.g props) is healed after Preparing. If you die during the preparing phase, you are automatically respawned when the interval ends.

    Overtime (OT): Four (4) minutes into the round, the “Overtime” Stage commences. This stage is marked by 1) the timer in the bottom left displaying “Overtime”, 2) a message being displayed in the chatbox, and 3) a message being displayed in the middle of the screen.
    At the commencement of Overtime, all High Suspicions (High Sus) become Kill On Sights (KOS)

    Proven: A player that has been confirmed as an Innocent either by killing / attacking a dead Traitor, calling a KOS on a Traitor or by being tested by a Traitor Tester.
    Note that Traitors can falsely claim themselves as Proven: it is your job to double-check if a player is legitimately Proven or not.
    Traitor Tester (T-Tester): A machine that publicly Proves a player. Traitor Testers can either be part of the map (for example, on ttt_minecraft_b5), or they can be a Portable Tester, which Detectives can buy.
    Different testers work differently. Some testers, if used incorrectly, can kill players. If you don’t know how a tester works, ask before using it.

    Items Required for Testers: Objects required to make a map-based Traitor Tester work.
    • Examples of and Item required for testers include:
      • The Gold Block on ttt_minecraft_b5.
    Items Required for Innocent Victory: Objects required to ensure Innocent victory.
    • Examples of an Item required for Innocent Victory include:
      • A DNA Scanner
      • The Diamond Ores on ttt_minecraft_b5
    Suspicious: The lowest form of calling a player as a potential Traitor. Has no actual effect on the game, especially as all players are practically automatically suspicious. Good to call if a player is acting shady.

    Highly Suspicious (High Sus): Used when a player is believed to have committed a Traitorous act but you don’t have firm proof, or if they have done something very traitor-like, but not KOS’able. A full list of these High Sus scenarious can be found in the !motd on the server or forums.
    • At the commencement of Overtime, all players who have a valid High Sus on them are instantly KOS’ed (see below.)

    Kill on Sight (KOS): . Used when a player has done something that confirms them as a Traitor. If a player is KOS’ed, all other (Innocent) players should kill that player as soon as possible. Obviously, Traitors should not kill fellow Traitors, nor call a KOS on them. A full list of these KOS scenarious can be found in the !motd on the server or forums.

    Unidentified Body (Un’ID’ed):
    A dead body that has not been Identified by a player. When looking at a body, if it has not been Identified, it will have yellow text stating “Unidentified Body”. Until a body has been Identified, the dead player will show up as alive on the Scoreboard. To traitors, unidentified bodies will appear as 'Missing in Action'
    Note: Standing next to an Unidentified Body and not Identifying it is a KOS’able act.
    Identified Body (ID’ed): A dead body that a player has Identified. When looking at the body, it will display the name of the dead player.

    Identifying (ID): Pressing “E” on an Unidentified Body to confirm the death of the dead player.

    DNA: When players are killed from close range, DNA is left on the body which can be collected by a Detective using a DNA Scanner. The DNA can then be tracked back to the player who killed that player.
    • On a Dead Body, DNA is represented by a blue box with green rectangles on top of red and yellow double helixes that denote the Structure of DNA (as discovered by Watson, Crick, Wilkins, Franklins)
    • DNA has a certain time before it expires from the body and can no longer be collected. This time increases the closer the killer was to the body when they killed them.
    DNA Scanner: An object given to Detectives on spawn. When players are killed at close range, DNA is left on the body which can be collected. Using a DNA Scanner can lead players to a killer.

    Other Weapons Information
    Donator Weapon:
    A weapon that players who have paid money can get. These weapons provide no extra benefits to the player besides cosmetics. All non-default crowbars are Donator Weapons. The Casull, the Zapper, the Jackal (all pistols), the Confetti Cannon and Popcorn (throwables) are also Donator Weapons. THEY ARE NOT 'T WEAPONS'

    Claiming Weapons: Publicly announcing you have a Traitor Weapon that you have got from a dead Traitor.

    Smoke / Discombobulator / Incendiary Grenade: Throwable grenades that cause different effects: the Smoke grenade creates a puff of smoke that obscures vision, the Discombobulator pushes players in a random direction, and the Incendiary grenade causes an explosion that then results in fire.
    • Throwing a Discombobulator is KOS’able if it is thrown at an area where players can easily fall off to their death (e.g. Skyscraper, Rooftops, etc.)
    • Throwing an incendiary Grenade at other players is KOSable
    • Throwing a Smoke Grenade is not KOSable (or even high sussable)
    Key Terms from the !motd

    RDM: Abbreviated form of “Random Death Match”. RDM is where you kill a player without a valid reason, or for no reason at all. In TTT, if you are Innocent / Detective, you must have proof that a player is a Traitor before you kill them. Attempted RDM, or ARDM, is where a players tries to kill another without reason and causes a significant amount of damage.
    • Examples of RDM include:
      • Shooting a player for standing still (even if you think they are in the T Menu)
      • Shooting someone for holding a gun and aiming at you, but not shooting you.

    Ghosting: The process of telling ALIVE players information while you are DEAD, either through in-game systems (such as private messages) or through third party applications, including Steam Chat, Skype, Teamspeak and Discord (and other similar applications).
    • Examples of Ghosting Could Include:
      • Yourself (a dead player) tells one of your fellow Traitors who is alive, Frederick, that there is a C4 and Dragon Desert Eagle on your body (both T Weapons).
      • Yourself (a dead player) telling the detective or an innocent the location of an unidentified body or who killed you (considering that they may not know who killed you)
      • Telling someone who is alive the location of a C4 and telling them to run and hide.
      • Telling someone that you fell off the ledge to your death (they might not know this or have no proof)
      • Telling someone who shot you for 57 damage before you were killed by a separate player
    Metagaming: A similar process to ghosting, except you and another player are deliberately and intentionally sharing information between each other through some form of private messaging or private communication software to give you an unfair advantage.
    • Examples of Metagaming Include:
      • You (a dead Traitor) tell Joseph (your friend and an alive innocent) who the traitors are.
      • You (a dead Innocent) tell Wilhelm (your friend and an alive innocent or detective) who killed you.
      • You (an innocent) constantly talking and forming a 'pact' with Benjamin (your friend and innocent) which involves you telling each other your roles (without the use of a traitor tester)
      • You (a traitor) purposefully do not kill your friend Elanor (innocent) until the end of the round
      • You (a traitor) purposefully give a T Weapon to your friend Christine (innocent) who does not kill your or KOS you, even though you just revealed to them that you were a traitor
    Traitor-Baiting (T-Baiting): Committing acts as Innocent or Detective that would make other players think you are a Traitor, that may lead for them to kill you!
    • Examples of T-Baiting include:
      • Shooting nearby other players
      • Publically announcing that you are a traitor in chat
      • A full list of these T Baiting scenarious can be found in the !motd on the server or forums.
    Prop-Climbing / Prop-Surfing: Using props to fly and potentially reach locations. This is allowed to reach normally accessible locations, but is DISALLOWED when reaching usually inaccessible locations.

    Prop-Killing: Follows the same principles as RDM and ARDM, except involves the use of props.
    • Examples of Prop killing include:
      • Swinging props around and launching them at players, where the high velocity of the prop can seriously damage or kill them
      • Using a prop to push a player off a great height, dealing significant damage or killing them
    Barricading: Barricading is the process of stacking props infront of an entrance way to block the movement of players, or making is so that they cannot reach you. IT IS NOT ALLOWED UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCE.
    • Examples of Barricading could include:
      • Stacking the blue barrels at the doorway of the kitchenette room on Community Pool
      • Stacking barrels against the apartment doors on Rooftops

    Room Claiming: Room Claiming is where you kill, or threaten to kill, players who enter the room that you have 'claimed'. In no circumstances is this allowed and may result in RDM slays if you kill players.
    • Examples of Room Claiming could Include:
      • "If you don't get out of this room in 5 seconds I am going to shoot at you"
      • Killing a player for sitting in a room that you have "claimed"

    Cheating / Hacking: Using third-party tools such as Aimbots or Wallhacks to give yourself an unfair advantage. Advertising Hacks is also a bannable offence.

    Exploiting: Abusing a feature of the server (e.g a broken playermodel) intentionally to give yourself an unfair advantage.
    • Examples of Exploiting include:
      • Riding the lauching rocket on LunarBase
      • Moving to a location where other players cannot shoot you (e.g. the hidden area on Skyscraper)
    Delaying: The process of not killing innocents as Traitor for extended periods of time, especially common in 1v1 or 2v1 scenarios. If you are delaying, multiple warnings will be given before you will be slain, including !hurryup or Csay Messages.
    • Examples of Delaying Include:
      • Hiding as a Traitor and not making attempts to kill innocents. You must go to them - they do not need to come to you!
    False Report: Reporting another player for unrelated or unreportable reasons (e.g. 'LOLOLOLOLOLOL' or 'Want to buy me some pizza?'

    KOSing off Location: Killing or KOSing a player because you saw an individual kill a player at a certain location, and then see a person at that area

    • Examples of KOSing off Location include:
      • Seeing a player (no name) kill someone at The Cafeteria on Prison Architect, moving to that location and then killing a player at that location.
    KOSing off Cosmetic: Killing or KOSing a player because you saw an individual with similar cosmetics (playermodels, trails, etc) do a traitorous act. THIS IS NOT ALLOWED You can only HIGH SUS at most
    • Examples of KOSing off Cosmetics Include:
      • Killing or KOSing a player who is using a Boba Fett Skin (or equivalent playermodel) because you saw them snipe someone from the lighthouse on B5 Minecraft.
      • Killing or KOSing a player because from 100M away you saw someone with the Smoke Trail kill a player
    Cosmetic: A cosmetic that changes what a player looks like, including a Playermodel (a skin changing their appearance), trail (a large pattern that follows a player around as they move), hat (something on a players head) or follower (a small object that follows around on a players shoulder) . To buy Cosmetics, press F3 to open the Pointshop.

    A menu where cosmetic items can be purchased. You get points required to purchase items over time. To access the Pointshop, press F3.
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