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    May 22, 2016
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    Steam Name: Taura

    Steam ID:

    Steam Community:


    Time Played:
    1 week 1 hour

    Date of first joining server: Around April 15, 2016

    Rank on the Server: Elite


    1. What does being a Respected mean for you?
    Being respected for me, means that the staff and community of the server have trust in me to do the right thing that is good for the community, if the need ever arises.

    2. Have you received any punishment besides the inevitable slays for RDM or any warnings from staff members?

    -I have not received any bans or anything. I was only kicked once so I could change my name.

    3. Is there any reason that someone may doubt your trust or maturity?
    -Not really, I've not had any instances of things that would be reasons for people to doubt my trust or maturity.

    4. In your opinion what is the most important/best quality of the Arcadia Community? How would you look to maintain or improve this as a respected?
    -In my opinion the best quality is the people that are on the server, as a respected I would help maintain and improve that by making sure that those are ruining people's time can be punished when no staff are on.

    Situational Acts:

    1. There are 2 players having an argument about a potential RDM. The ‘reported player’ lies in his/her report and the ‘victim’ then forgives this. The ‘reported player’ then admits to lying and harasses the ‘victim’ for being gullible and they rightfully feel cheated. The ‘victim’ doesn’t know what to do and is growing increasingly upset and frustrated, the admin online doesn’t seem to have noticed the problem. What could you do to help them out?
    -In order to help the player out I would try to get the admin's attention. When I have the admin's attention I would inform them of the situation that has gone down between the two players and give them the name of the person who has admitted to lying about an RDM.

    2. There is one admin online and you are the only other ranking player on the server above regular. You are in dead chat and the admin in question is still ‘alive’ in game. Upon seeing this a group of 3 begin to act out. One starts spamming Nazi symbols into the chat, a second starts to scream into their microphone and a third uses chat to bad mouth the server/admin comparing them to Hitler and so on. What would you do?
    -In this situation I would warn the players who are acting out that they are breaking the rules of the server. If they persist I would message the admin online informing them of the situation and ask them whether they want to handle it themselves when they die or if they want me to use my ability to votekick the players.

    3. You are one of the last few alive and no admin is currently ‘alive’. The detective tries to call a “Livecheck or KOS”. You inform them as a knowledgeable member that the rules do not allow this but the detective does not listen and begins to KOS and shoot those that did not respond. What would you do here?
    -In this situation I would type the warning out in chat and if that fails I would tell the admin online that this detective is breaking the rules and calling KOS randomly. If the admin is afk at the moment of this happening I would call a votekick


    I taura Acknowledge the requirements and prerequisites that are needed to become Respected. I will not abuse my powers or behave in such a way to compromise the reputation of this community or its members. I will strive to make this community a better place for every member.

    I understand that I am not expected to administrate the server in any way and that my respected rank is only a representation of being respected by the Admin Team and the Community.

    I understand that any disrespectful acts I make as a Respected may leave me with a warning and/or a strike against my rank (up to 3) and depending on the severity, instant demotion.
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    +1 Haven't had a problem with you since your return and you've helped me out by calling out minges when your dead and I'm alive
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    Dec 6, 2016
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    Welcome back to the Respected team! See ya around!

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