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Discussion in 'Addons/Weapons' started by Baron Wite Waaf, Nov 20, 2018.

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    Why hello there community, this is more suggestions by yours truly.

    1) -Lykrast's TTT weapon collection;

    Basically it just adds a whole bunch of weapons with their own strengths and weaknesses, you can take some and leave others as you see fit. personally i think it just adds some more spice into the game by having more basic weapons as well as special traitor/detective weapons. Fuck the doublebarrel tho, so op, if we use this collection, pls disable double barrel

    2) - ID bomb and ID bomb defuser;

    Essentially you can put a bomb on a body so when people identify it, they will explode, its got a radius smaller than a slam but still deadly. good for the kekers, the id defuser will never be used i bet you as its pretty useless but id bomb is good way to ramp up the paranoia of TTT.

    3) - homerun bat;

    This monster yeet's people madly into the air, doing 30 damage then if outdoors or in a big enough indoors location, can possibly kill/ wound heavily. its for traitors and/or detectives and great for a good laugh with the lads. ofc its worthless in contained, small maps with no risk of fall damage.

    4) - dead ringer;

    Those who play team fortress 2 would recognise this bad boii. what this is, when you have it active, if you get shot and/or otherwise damaged that doesnt insta kill you, you fake a death and drop a fake body and go camo, in the long run it only saves your skin for a few vital seconds, as the cloak makes a massive decloaking sound and lasts 5-6 seconds.

    5) - frag grenade;

    what it sounds like, its a 'nade! it goes boom! i like boom.

    6) - chicken;

    Just like an annoyed manchild, it will explode if annoyed or slightly triggered, its amusing to watch it cluck around, and when its attacking people, it sings the song of its people, which is an old army song. also when it explodes it drops kfc, perfect for all family, those who eat kfc heal 35 hp. also if someone has the time to wait for it, it will eventually lay eggs, and you can have more chickens. ive never seen more than 9 chickens in a round and that was when 3 traitors only bought chickens and left them in a feathered trap for the unwary. good stuff

    7.) - detective playercam;

    like a baby cam but for dirty terrorists and their moms, you shoot it on someone and then in the top left corner you will see their perspective, minus what weapon they are holding and their HUD. so you can use it to scout out for people and naughty bois. i dont know what else to say other than you can also watch yourself and your potential death and i love myself so i dont see a problem with this.

    8) - throwable manhacks;

    Whats that annoying thing i see on the horizon? is it a bird? is it a plane? no its a god damn fucking manhack. Thats the typical response to these flying memes, you can deploy up to 5 of them and they fly around and just like the Mormons, they will annoy you when your nice and snug in your house. can be overpowered if a player doesnt know how to aim, for example Satan or Char. but tweakable code makes it easy to change how much damage they do. tl;dr flying turtles of doom.

    9) - throwable baby;

    Do you hate children? were you bullied on COD and the fact that your mother slept with the xX_cUnt_D3str073r_Xx clan like myself? do you want to vent that anger in the best possible way? look no further, throwable babies, it looks like a deagle, but with a deadly 5kg payload of shity diaper and COD abilities. single shot, prop launched baby, seems op, never actually used it, but i saw it and i enjoyed the idea. most likely broken as fuck

    10) - melon launcher;

    essentially the same as the baby launcher but with a sweeter nature (get it, melons? awh fuck you, it was funny) 1 shot of deadly melon to destroy your friends smile as soon as you round the corner with this bad boy.

    11) - riotshield;

    Are you being bullied by everyone on the server and feel unprotected? look no further friend, the riotshield has 300 hp and it can soak up all your dreams and save you from trying to live a fulfiled life! an item for the paranoid detective who feels the 3 unproven 'innocent's' around him are not protection enough. uses an 8 slot so you can still have your favourate traitor weapon ripped from a corpse.

    12) - cat smg;

    MEOW MEOW MEOW MEOW MEOW MEOW MEOW MEOW MEOW MEOW, RELOADING *purr purr* MEOW MEOW MEOW MEOW MEOW MEOW MEOW MEOW MEOW MEOW. Wow, the traitor died like a pussy? you cat to be kitten meow right now. cat gun. good stuff, detective.

    13) - bear trap;

    do you hate people, this is for you, it lays on the ground til activated, it then sticks the poor bastard, good or evil (works on traitors too, serves them right) til they die, doing damage over time. They can be saved if someone shoots the trap. but personally i enjoy watching them die slowly, it fuels my desire, Buts thats just me :).
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    Not too sure about the others, but want to point out that:
    2) Doesn't usually work well on servers where not IDing bodies is KOSable, as it encourages avoiding them.
    5) We already have frag grenades.
    6) Chickens are incredibly fun for the traitors, but when people start delaying rounds by breeding 50+ of them and eventually lagging out the server, it gets messy. They're also quite overpowered when used correctly.
    10) Broken as all hell.
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    As for suggestion 1#;

    I definitely do think that we need to refresh the range of guns that we have on the server. I would suggest avoiding adding the whole pack and simply adding a small selection of them to start with and see how they fit in the server and possibly removing/balancing them until they either fit for permanent addition or are beyond repair.

    I do generally agree with all of Rysta's comments, however I've never once seen the chicken scenario actually happen and i'm sure that Admin's could promptly deal with those trying to cause a lag fest. Alternatively, i'm sure that the addon could always be edited to make the spawning of additional eggs from placed chickens either limited or disabled.
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    half of these suggestions were just a bunch of may may's. but with the chicken addon, yeah you can probs put a prop limit on the amount of chickens alive at one time. also i've never seen 50 chickens, i played on a ttt server for a year that had the chickens, the most that got spawned was maybe 15, and that was with a traitor investing all her time into spawning those chickens, and it happened rarely. So having that as a fear for the chickens is kinda of a hold back if you dont wanna use it.

    i didnt know melon launcher was broken (rip) and that most likely means the baby launcher is also broken, but that was just a joke suggestion.

    Any of the obviously non joke addons, are pretty good actually. the manhacks are oh so annoying and unlike the c4 manhacks, can actually do some damage, and kill the unsuspecting.

    Even if none of these get added on, i suggest just having a look at all of them, cuz they're pretty fun
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