Staff Appreciation Megathread.

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    I'm making this thread to allow everyone to share their thanks and compliments for the staff of Arcadia.

    I felt like this would be a good idea since there is no real medium existing for the members of Arcadia to thank the staff for their hard work keeping our time on the server fun.

    I guess I'll start with my thanks for staff.

    Mitsu and Rainy: Thank you for creating such a lovely place for us to congregate every day and play and socialise.

    Yanz: Thank you for implementing features, fixing bugs and developing the server for us, without you who knows what arcadia would like.

    Xylo: Thank you for being such a nice and caring CM who always strives to be as friendly as possible.

    Sammi: Whilst I suspect you aren't exactly the fondest of me anymore I still appreciate all that you have done for me and the jokes we used to have.

    Scorpina: You're by far the coolest admin out, and the admin I see the most. Keep doing what you're doing.

    HepticYoshi: You're my favourite son, Also pretty damn good at the game.

    AJ: Great admin, very knowledgable and always been the type of admin I look up to and strive to learn off.

    Panda: Thanks for being so level headed and overally a very good admin.

    Obi: Stop making puns

    Rainbow: One of the finest admins I've seen in my time, lots of patience and common sense. Appreciate you.

    Derp: You're a derp, also a pretty good admin.

    Logic: You smell funny.

    Tanix: Tryhard.

    Gary: Best ruffman, very friendly fellow, always up for a nice chat. Ruff

    And overall, a big thank you to all the staff as a group, you're all amazing.
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    +1 Not even gonna bother naming names. Except AJ and Mitsu who are both gross.

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