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    General Guidelines/Rules

    This thread is an official server based thread and as such will be strictly monitored for any breach of general forum rules and is also subject to certain other rules as follows.

    Below is the fully inclusive list of reasons to post ordered by members:
    • Respected Applicant (author)
      • May post updates or changes to original application as required
      • May respond ONCE to any opinion given by any member as they see fit but try to limit this and/or group into a single post
      • Must refrain from responding to further posts by the same member (let the moderators handle it)
    • General Community Member (public)
      • No general limit to this group but severe lack of activity may be considered
      • May post their opinion on application and relevant vote (+1, neutral, -1)
      • Must post a plain +1, neutral or -1 vote, no half in half voting
      • Must make sure to clearly post their vote, in a readable colour in numerical format. Jokes votes may be removed.
      • Is required to provide adequate reasoning for a vote of ‘-1’
      • MUST ONLY POST ONCE, no flaming or idle conversation please
    • Staff Member (moderator)
      • May post as needed to control the thread, prevent flaming, clarify rules
      • Opinions or votes on the application should remain separate
    Any post STRICTLY NOT being for any of the above reasons will be considered irrelevant will be deleted by moderators. Your post must still abide by general forum rules (see here). If in doubt you may start a conversation a community manager and let them decide if you have a relevant post.
    • Declaration: By making a post in this thread you acknowledge and accept the above rules (and the general forum rules) and accept that any breach of above rules may result in your post being removed and any votes attached to the post not being counted. You may repost your vote in line with the rules to have it counted.

    Respected FAQ

    Q. What would happen if I get accepted?

    A. Your rank on the server and forum will be changed to "Respected". If you are a donator of any sort, your Respected rank will be fixed to adjust that. To have your donator Respected rank implemented onto the server, please refer to this thread.

    Q. What tools will I have Access to?

    A. You will have access to a variety of vote type commands:
    • Votekick - Calls a "votekick" on a specific player. Syntax: !votekick <player> <reason>
    • Voteban - Calls a "voteban" on a specific player. Syntax: !voteban <player> <time (in minutes)> <reason>
    • Votes must be approved by majority. Press 1 to keep the vote, 2 to cancel.

    Q. Do I have to donate when I am Respected?

    A. It is Unnecessary to donate when you have become a Respected; however it is greatly appreciated and will help support the server. (Donating does not affect the decision of accepting you)

    Q. Why must I be 12 or older to apply?

    A. Becoming respected means to represent our community at all times with or without admins online. From personal experience, players who are generally under the age of 12 are less capable of making mature decisions or display mature behaviour. If you believe you are capable, privately message a Community Manager and an exception may be granted.

    Q. Why is my Application taking a longer time to be processed? Why has someone else been accepted before me?

    A. The Administration Team may know one person more than another. We must verify that each player is worthy of respected which can take more time if we have not known you as long as others. Do not worry. You haven't been forgotten.

    Q. If the Majority of members were supportive of my application, why was I denied?

    A. Ultimately, the respecteds are chosen by both vote and discussion between the Community Managers.

    Q. My Application was Denied, what now?

    A. You may have been unfortunate this time, however you are free to apply again in the future (after a minimum of 3 weeks). Get to know the community better, improve from any negative comments you received and hopefully you'll succeed the next time. Good Luck.
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