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    Respected Template Instruction

    Congratulations on deciding to apply for respected on Arcadia. Please read through the instructions and the questions carefully before applying as they may change or be updated from time to time. The template itself starts after the blue line below and you should remove the small yellow writing tips before you post the final copy as well as any instructions above the blue line. Make sure you meet the prerequisites or else you may be denied on the spot. You may set the bare template out in any colour scheme and style you wish so long as it is easy to read and well spaced out. Making the application easy on the eyes will help your applications success.

    Here are some key points to note:

    • You must achieve a positive rating from the majority of the staff members
    • You must achieve a positive rating from most of the community
    • Abuse of these powers will result in a demotion and in some cases, a ban
    • Keeping your application clean will make it a more favourable choice
    • If you are denied, you must read on why you were denied and wait 3 weeks to reapply

    Prerequisites for Respected:
    • 4 Days worth of server time (96 hours)
    • It being over 1 month since first joining the server/community

    Recommended (Not required but will help):
    • You are widely respected by the community
    • You are at least 12 years old
    • You have a good knowledge of the server rules to be able to clarify minor issues

    Thread Title: [Respected Prefix] <Your Name>
    Title of thread, put your name we know you as with the prefix

    Steam Name: <Insert Steam Name>
    The steam name most people will know you by, can include alias' as necessary

    Steam ID: <Insert Steam ID>
    You can get this in game by searching damage logs in f8. Failing that use this website with the link to your steam profile or simply ask a friendly admin on the server

    Steam Community: <Insert Steam Profile>
    This is the URL link to your steam profile page, not the same as a steam ID. Can get it through similar methods as above

    Age: <Insert Age>
    Round years is fine

    Time Played: <Insert Time Played>
    <Screenshot of time>
    Use snip or steam screenshot or regular screen capture software to get this screenshot. Cropping is a good idea as well.

    Date of first joining server: <Insert date>
    Can get this information from the Gametracker website. Find your name and look for the "first seen" date. Or make a fair approximation such as '3 months ago'

    Rank on the Server: <Screenshot of rank>
    Same as above screenshot but your rank on the tab menu, crop if possible

    Questions: (1-2 Sentences Required)
    Answers here should be concise and to the point but if you need to go overboard to get your point across this is fine. Honesty is the best policy here.

    1. What does being a Respected mean for you?

    2. Have you received any punishment besides the inevitable slays for RDM or any warnings from staff members?

    3. Is there any reason that someone may doubt your trust or maturity?

    4. In your opinion what is the most important/best quality of the Arcadia Community? How would you look to maintain or improve this as a respected?

    Situational Acts: (Paragraph Required)
    While we never require any respected's to perform any administrative function, there are still opportunities for minor yet vital roles in helping out where needed and any respected ought to be able to act in these situations as they feel is needed. You may ask a Community Manager for advice on these situations if you feel you need it but you must answer in your own words.

    1. There are 2 players having an argument about a potential RDM. The ‘reported player’ lies in his/her report and the ‘victim’ then forgives this. The ‘reported player’ then admits to lying and harasses the ‘victim’ for being gullible and they rightfully feel cheated. The ‘victim’ doesn’t know what to do and is growing increasingly upset and frustrated, the admin online doesn’t seem to have noticed the problem. What could you do to help them out?

    2. There is one admin online and you are the only other ranking player on the server above regular. You are in dead chat and the admin in question is still ‘alive’ in game. Upon seeing this a group of 3 begin to act out. One starts spamming Nazi symbols into the chat, a second starts to scream into their microphone and a third uses chat to bad mouth the server/admin comparing them to Hitler and so on. What would you do?

    3. You are one of the last few alive and no admin is currently ‘alive’. The detective tries to call a “Livecheck or KOS”. You inform them as a knowledgeable member that the rules do not allow this but the detective does not listen and begins to KOS and shoot those that did not respond. What would you do here?


    I <Alias> Acknowledge the requirements and prerequisites that are needed to become Respected. I will not abuse my powers or behave in such a way to compromise the reputation of this community or its members. I will strive to make this community a better place for every member.

    I understand that I am not expected to administrate the server in any way and that my respected rank is only a representation of being respected by the Admin Team and the Community.

    I understand that any disrespectful acts I make as a Respected may leave me with a warning and/or a strike against my rank (up to 3) and depending on the severity, instant demotion.
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