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  1. ɐpuɐd

    ɐpuɐd #exposed Staff Member TTT Admin

    Apr 11, 2018
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    Steam Name: ɐpuɐd (Panda)

    Steam ID: STEAM_0:1:93655613

    Steam Community:

    Age: 13 (I have permission from CM's to apply)

    Time Played: 1 week 6 days 18 hours 35 minutes

    Date of first joining server: February 3rd 2018

    Compulsory Questions: (1-2 Sentences Required)

    1. What drove you to apply to be a trial admin?
    I was driven to apply for trial admin because I'm on a lot and most of the time there aren't any admins on so I see the server turn to chaos and I want to change this and make the server a friendly place as best I can.

    2. What assets would you bring to the admin team if you were to be accepted?
    I would be on most of the time that I'm not at school and I would help the community out when other admins aren't on and if they are on I would assist them in handling the server.

    3. How many hours on average do you spend on the server and over which time of day? Would this likely change drastically over the medium term?
    I usually spend 3-4 hours on the server on school days and on weekends and the holidays I'm usually on around 6-8 hours. This might change at some point in the near future as I will have assignments to complete but I would still stay somewhat active.

    4. Have you had any past experience as a moderator/administrator? If yes, give specifics as much as you can and also explain what lead to you leaving them.
    Around two years ago I was senior admin on a server (I can't remember the name of it but the server shut down) and i left the server because I had just bought a new game and I had gotten addicted to it which made me completely forget about TTT.

    5. Have you received any punishment from our admin team besides the inevitable slays for RDM? Give as much detail as you can.
    I haven't had any serious punishment on the server.

    6. In your opinion what is the single best quality for an administrator of Arcadia to possess and how would you work towards having this as a trial admin?
    In my opinion the best quality of an admin is to be active on the server, forums and teamspeak. I would work towards this by trying to spend at least an hour on the server everyday.

    7. List the current Staff Members of Arcadia Gaming.
    HepticYoshi - Admin (Told me to put him first so I did)
    RainbowGauntlet - Owner
    MitsuNeko - Owner
    Yanz - Developer
    Xylo - Community Manager
    Ailuros - Salt Manager
    Newman - Community Manager
    Tanix - Admin
    Aj - Admin
    Logic - Admin
    Rybie - Admin
    Harribo_Gold - Admin
    Cheeky Bastard - Admin
    Thungo - Admin
    Scorpina - Admin
    Gary the Gargoyle - Admin

    Situational Acts: (Paragraph Required)
    These situations are designed to test what you might look to do or think about given the situation as these can and will arise. However we do not require perfect answers and it is likely that everyone will have a different response which is correct in its own way. Look for what you don't know or what information is omitted. If you are stuck you may always ask a Community Manager to help guide you, they are here to help.

    1. A group of about 4 newbies join the server during the current round and you are the only staff member online. One of them has the name “Nucking Figger” and another has the name “Myself”. One of the other 2 begins to read the !motd and deliberately mention every disallowed word/topic such as “Wow, I can’t talk about how great Hitler was or how much the holo-costed?”. The final one starts to deep-throat his microphone and prevent anyone else from being heard over his singing/shouting. In the meantime you ran a server command to show that they are all steam friends with each other. How do you handle this situation?

    I would kick the person named Nucking Figger telling him to change his name, gag the person that was deep-throating his microphone and gag/mute the person that was mentioning the disallowed topics and then warn him and the deep-throater to stop what they're doing. For the person named Myself I would kindly ask him to change his name and if he didn't change it I would kick him telling him to change his name.

    2. You and a fellow staff member are currently online when 2 new players join together. During the next round one of the players proceeds to destroy 4-5 traitors single-handed, most of whom report him. Upon reflecting on the round you notice that the other new player was a traitor and once the reports are finished it seems the innocent had very weak to no reason to kill the traitors. Your fellow staff member doesn’t seem to have noticed anything suspicious and is looking to slay/ban them for RDM. How do you proceed?

    I would ask the other admin not to ban the reported player because I suspected them and the other person of metagaming then I would go into spectator mode to watch the two of them and if they seem like they are metagaming I would let the other admin know and then check the watch list to see if they had been banned from this server before for metagaming and if they had I would permanently ban them and if they hadn't I would ban them for 4 weeks.

    3. A well known respected player is exploiting a map glitch/error to make themselves invulnerable and/or block off an area for the players. How do you deal with this?

    I would private message the player asking them to get down from there and if they didn't I would tp them down from there and if they went back I would slay them.

    4. You join the forums late one night to find that a few people are causing problems on them for others. One person is spamming the shoutbox with links to NSFW websites and images. A second is posting multiple messages in a recent respected application and harassing the player unmercifully. The third one begins to spam new threads all around the forums with no real reason to do so. Explain what you might do.

    I would delete the shout box links and permanently ban them from the shout box and the I would take the harassment messages down and warn them not to do it again or if it is very severe harassment I would ban them from the forum (if possible, I'm not to sure)

    5. You are dealing with an RDM report. The ‘victim’ is clearly RDM’d by the ‘reported player’ but in the report the ‘victim’ just puts “Kill yourself you stupid N*****”. Explain how you would proceed with this report.

    I would Immediately disregard the report and tell the victim not to use that language and if he wanted the reported player slain he needed to report him again and not use that language and give an actual reason as to how he rdmed the victim.

    6. You are dealing with an RDM report. In the report the ‘victim’ claims that the ‘reported player’ attempted to RDM him. The ‘victim’ therefore shot the ‘reported player’ in self defence but ultimately was shot by the detective for it. The ‘reported player’ claims that he was shooting a wall pretty clearly and that the ‘victim’ deliberately ran in front of it to justify shooting and reporting him. You sigh to yourself sip your coffee and start to check the evidence. Explain how you might resolve this situation.

    I would watch the scene to see if the reported player did attempt to RDM him, if he did I would slay the reported player for ARDM, if the victim did run into the line of fire I would slay the victim for false reporting and warn him not to do it again.


    As an Administrator of Arcadia, you are responsible for protecting the server and keeping the peace. You are also assigned as the Community Representative, which means you are to:

    • Not abuse the rank given to you
    • Not to go on other Servers/Communities and disrupt their activities. (Spamming, Abusing, etc.)
    • Not to Use your Rank as Bragging rights to Other Players
    • Not to let personal feelings obstruct your duty
    If any of these rules are broken, you will be stripped of your rank and will not be able to re-apply unless you wait 1 month and re-apply (Unlikely to be re-accepted). The Administration team will not tolerate users who give this community a bad reputation.

    I Panda, Acknowledge the requirements and prerequisites that are needed to become Trial Admin in the community. I recognize this as a prestigious rank held by the most trusted in the community and by joining the order, I promise not to turn on the community by abusing my powers. I devote my prowess in Administration to the Community Managers and strive to provide a fun to play server with minimal discrimination.

    Once again screenshots hate me and I can't seem to put them in and have them work properly
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  2. HepticYoshi

    HepticYoshi Fun Police Staff Member TTT Admin

    Apr 25, 2017
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    +1 Good dude, I enjoy playing on the server with you :)
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  3. UberZee

    UberZee Arcadia's Funeral Director Elite Trusted

    May 19, 2016
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    +1 A respectful player and one which tries their hardest to keep minges at bay.
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  4. Animoo

    Animoo My cat is mean VIP Respected

    Apr 28, 2016
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    Really nice to play with and follows the rules well
    Also, *stab* *stab* :p
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  5. Bonnie Bon Bon

    Bonnie Bon Bon Big Boi Bon Elite

    Jan 17, 2017
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    I've only met u recently i can tell your an awesome lad and would be a good Admin. Although you still are quite new to the community, I think you'll be a nice guy for the admin team +1

    (how u 13?)
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  6. demonicphoenixx

    demonicphoenixx help im stuck

    Sep 26, 2017
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    +1 good guy
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  7. Chis

    Chis w h a c k Elite

    Jun 16, 2016
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    +1 sucker
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  8. Derp proper

    Derp proper Arcadia's Middle-Earth enthusiast VIP Trusted

    Nov 20, 2017
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    +1 great and active bloke
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  9. Burtmin

    Burtmin Feeling' Whitney Elite Respected

    Aug 3, 2016
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    +1 yes pls
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  10. Jezza

    Jezza Big Time Hustler VIP Trusted

    Jun 19, 2017
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    +1 yeah you'll be active as school isnt too much of a worry at your age
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  11. corgi ✿

    corgi ✿ shapes Elite

    Sep 29, 2017
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    +1 has a crazy upside down name
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  12. sanicbear

    sanicbear . Elite Respected

    Sep 17, 2017
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  13. Siggers

    Siggers Elite Respected Elite Respected

    Jan 25, 2017
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    First off I swear I've seen you on the server well before that the 3rd of February. And if I do remember you didn't really seem the type of person to assist staff etc. However judging by a few responses on this application I will disregard that as I haven't been overly active myself to judge you on this matter. Now to your application:
    This is a great mindset of a future admin, I'm sure they desperately need active admins hence the sudden culling of like 5 admins in 2 weeks. You sound like a little Thungo...
    All i can about this section is ensure they ALL receive warnings either before (in the case of bad names) or after (for gag/mutes) the punishment is dealt. Players hate being punished without a reason, particularly if they are new, they will complain and that isn't fun when you have to deal with 2 dozen other players on the server. In particular, warn every player with a rude/disallowed name before kicking them, allow them a round to read and understand the rules before kicking them into oblivion with the reason "Change your name to something that follows the motd". Some newbies don't even know about the motd until an admin lets them know.
    This is good, but what happens for further repeated occurrences? Unfortunately respecteds in the past have committed these offences repeatedly to the extent where some have gotten strikes on their respected rank or even short bans. Communicate your punishment and reason to CMs to ensure they are on the same page though as Respecteds can sometimes have the ability to cause controversy when punished.
    As previously stated, warn the dude before you blast him into oblivion, plus only CMs + can unban people from the shoutbox so if its for a catalystic event then just warn em first. Also banning from the forums is possible, I've tried and done it :)
    RDMs should not be disregarded, the victim could just be super salty so calm them down and warn them to not repeat those words in reports otherwise they will be disregarded. Once again, people tend to complain if their report is disregarded without a previous warning.

    Apart from these i feel you have potential, and could be a candidate for the needs of the admin team. Iffy about your age though based on past experience, however I am willing for you to surprise me.
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  14. nutters

    nutters Insane Asylum Escapé Elite Respected

    Sep 6, 2017
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    Would gladly see you take on trail admin. I would just keep in mind your age might be a bit of a downfall in the future. Be careful, and don't let people who take the mickey deter you or make you go minge.
    If you have a problem with attendance on the server when school becomes problematic (and it will, but you will ace it) or with just rule issues, remember to just talk to a full admin or cm and ask for help. They're all willing to give you a hand if they can.
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  15. Ailuros

    Ailuros Salt Manager Staff Member Community Manager

    Feb 9, 2017
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    Unfortunately other applicants were picked at this time, however I encourage you to take on board any feedback in your appt and to apply next time.
    I am happy to chat if you want to know more details.
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