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    You can contact an admin by placing @ at the start of your message in server chat!

    Please have a read of the rules below.

    Event rounds are always Team vs Team. (Traitors vs Detectives/Innos) They are NOT a free for all RDM round.

    Use !taunts to open the taunt menu

    Use !report to report an RDM.

    F3 will open the point shop and double tapping W will allow you to run!

    Server rules:

    NO RDM (Killing for No Reason). One slay per RDM Unforgiven. RDM & Leave is 2. Mass RDM is a 1 week ban (Multiple RDMs in a map or disconnect with 2 slays).

    NO Derogatory Racial language/jokes/insults ever. (eg: Ni****, Any variation. No exceptions.)

    NO Homophobic language/jokes/insults ever. (eg: [email protected]/[email protected]).

    NO Mental illness abuse ever. (Downy, Autistic, and so on)

    NO Sex Abuse/Rape/Pedo/Bestiality/Necro jokes/insults ever.

    NO Gender/Sexist abuse ever. (No matter what someone identifies as).

    NO Genocide/Nazi/Suicide/Abortion jokes/references ever. (eg: Holocaust, 9/11, Kill yourself, Swastikas). This includes avatars, crowbar carvings, sprays, and so on.

    NO Spam (Mic or Chat). Warning, then gag/mute/kick/or ban. (This includes singing/playing audio)

    NO Meta-Gaming/Ghosting. (Sharing information (who is T, locations) over 3rd party comms/pms) 1 Month Ban. 2nd offense is Perm Ban.

    NO Hacking/Cheating. Perm Ban.

    NO Minging - Joining with the intent to ruin the game for others - Will result in a 2 week to 1 month ban.

    NO False Reports - Report for no reason - Can result in slay.

    NO Reports/responses filled with abuse/nonsense. Clearly explain or it will be ignored/you'll be slain.

    NO Voice Modification/Sound Boards/Music - Warning then gag/mute/kick.

    NO Explicit sprays (Porn, Violent, Racist/Homophobic, Graphic).

    NO Prop killing/barricading.(Throwing props down ladders, hitting players, blocking rooms/doors as Alive or Spectator).

    NO Activating explosive devices near players when innocent eg: Blowing up barrels/turtles/incens without a warning.

    NO Killing players for standing still or looking sus. (You can't just assume they're T)

    NO Killing or susing a player based on a sound, skin, location, or weapon. (Need proof, not assumptions)

    Names must be legible and able to be called out. (You will be kicked if not).

    You can swear as long as it's not excessive or abusive.

    If you want to cancel a KoS, please say "Cancel" over voice clearly or type it into chat.
    (Quick bind of "No" does not count.)

    Traitors must go to innocents, delaying will cause you to be slain. Innocents cannot delay unless camping in detective only room.

    Not EVERY rule needs to be written, if you are told not to do something by admins, follow it (Owners have the final say on rules.)

    In short, don't be a belligerent asscandle =)

    If you have an issue with the rules or conduct of a staff member, please use @ or PM one of us on the forums.

    Allowed acts:

    Relaying/repeating a legit 'Kill On Sight' called by another player.

    Prop surfing to normally reachable areas.

    Calling a 'Kill On Sight' on a player, with sufficient evidence.

    Reporting a player that you believe to have RDM'd or ARDM'd you

    Reporting an Innocent for false KoSing you

    Killing 'Away from Keyboard' players as a Traitor.

    Disallowed acts:

    Calling life check or KOS (Even as Detective).

    Killing players with props whilst Innocent/Spectator

    Pushing players off an edge with a crowbar/prop as an Innocent/Spectator.

    Killing players just for standing still. You can't just assume they're in the T shop.

    Throwing incends/discombs (On maps with edges) near people as an Innocent.

    Calling a "Kill on Sight" without legitimate reason as an Innocent/Detective.

    Blocking doors/barricading rooms (Players may give you 3 Warnings, 5 seconds apart, then kill you if you refuse to move).

    Claiming rooms.

    Making yourself seem like a Traitor whilst you are innocent.(T Baiting)

    Purposely prolonging or delaying a round. Will result in slay after 3 warnings.

    Killing players that are AFK as an Innocent.

    Killing a player for refusing to be tested - You may only give them a High Sus.

    Killing a player for following you - You may only give them a High Sus after at least 3 Warnings 5 seconds apart.

    Hitting a player with a Crowbar whilst Innocent will get you impaired by the amount equal to the damage you caused or slain at the admins discretion.

    Killing a player or calling a "Kill on Sight" in regard to a distance based T Trap.

    Letting innocents into the T room as a Traitor. It ruins the game for others and it's a dick move.

    Killing a player based on a Sound, Skin, Location, or Weapon. Only High Sus (Not on Skins).

    Killing a player for refusing to shoot a weapon (G3). Only High Sus.

    Throwing incends (Discombs on maps with edges/lava) near people as an innocent.

    Accessing locations via use of props that aren't normally able to be accessed.

    These actions are possibly slayable depending on the situation

    Situational acts

    If a player is door blocking/spamming the door, you may give them 3 Warnings 5 seconds apart, if they do not stop you may kill them!

    As a Traitor you MAY call a non-valid 'Kill On Sight' on an Innocent player. If they are found to be Innocent and you are killed, that's your own fault!

    You MAY prop surf, as long as you DO NOT prop surf to an otherwise unreachable location.

    If you follow the hitmarkers on a neurotoxin you can only High Sus not KoS.

    You MAY kill players that are 'Away From Keyboard' ONLY when the matchtime reaches 'OVERTIME'.

    You MAY kill players that have a legit High Sus during OVERTIME.

    You MAY call a High Sus if a player discards a body with DNA

    A Detective shooting a player counts as an ACTIVE KoS.

    You MAY kill someone if they directly indicate being T. ("I'm a Traitor!) It's their own damn fault.

    You MAY ONLY call High Sus on someone who falsely claims they are proven.

    What will get you killed

    Not identifying a dead body. (Give people a chance after a fight to ID the body)

    Throwing incendiary grenades.

    Throwing discombobulators on certain maps or when it has a chance to kill a player (Near an edge or ANYWHERE on Terror Train)

    Destroying a traitor testing machine

    Having a Traitor only weapon (Does not apply if you announce that you found it or you are proven).

    Calling a 'Kill On Sight' on an Innocent player. (Does not matter if they hit you, people have no proof.. You just killed an inno)

    Following players with dangerous items or walking dangerous items towards people. (Explosives, mine turtles, damaging props).

    Discarding items that may be used for innocent victory. (aka Destroying tester, getting rid of a body (Un'ID, DNA)

    Any amount of damage to another player.

    Shooting at someone, even if you don't do damage (T baiting)

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