LouisTheFox's PGag Appeal

Discussion in 'Rejected' started by LouisTheFox, Aug 3, 2018.

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  1. LouisTheFox

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    Jul 14, 2017
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    Thread Title: LouisTheFox's PGag Appeal

    Steam Name: LouisTheFox

    Steam ID: LouisTheFox

    Steam Community: None

    Admin who PGagged you: Pixelbum

    Reason of PGag: Micspamming and micsinging, brought up a controversial debate on gay marriage (this was at the time when Australia was doing a referendum on it).

    Your Explanation of the Situation:

    Basically I was micspamming/micsinging the song All Star as was another person. I was given a warning by Pixelbum and I was gagged for a round. Bear in mind this was on the day I was ungagged for a previous offense. He told me that this was my last warning since I was ungagged before. Two maps later someone (I remember it well it wasn't me who brought it up, just to clarify), said "It okay to vote no" and from what I can only remember it sparked up a controversial debate which me and others were involved in. This of course went way out of hand and Pixelbum had to tell everyone to stop.

    However the man who started the controversy by saying "It okay to vote no", then later said if I can remember correctly said "Then therefore I have the right to marry a 10 year old girl". Which of course was something very offensive to Muslims. I then reacted by calling him a "retard".

    I was then pgagged for it. However the other guy was let off with a warning, when he should've of been banned or muted honestly since he said something offensive.

    Why you should be unpgagged:

    It has been over a year since this has happened to me and let me tell you much I regret it. I am so sorry for breaking my second chance, if I could go back in time I would to undo all of that. But I cannot. Seriously I love this community and I feel very welcomed here myself since I joined. I have improved by now and I don't micspam anymore like I did previously, please all I ask is to be ungagged it would make me so happy. Every time I joined Arcadia server I feel like I am unable to anything relating to voicechat to due my long punishment. I know I deserved it but I now have matured and I won't do it again. Please forgive me, I just want to speak again and given one more chance.

    It would make me so happy once more to be able to speak again in game. I want people to hear me talk.

    So please allow me to have one more chance. I am so sorry for fucking up my second chance a year ago.
  2. Ailuros

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    Feb 9, 2017
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    You previously were already granted a second chance at not being pgagged (one which isn't given out often), however that didn't last long at all before you were pgagged again. Therefore, at this point in time your pgag will remain.

    Sorry for the delay in answering this appeal, both Xylo and myself have had personal/IRL issues which kept us from meeting.
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