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Discussion in 'Addons/Weapons' started by Rule.303, Aug 5, 2018.

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    Aug 5, 2018
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    Something along these lines but with a time limit on how long you remain restrained would be awesome:


    Pretty simple, Detective can buy handcuffs and any player who is high sussed can be handcuffed. Handcuffs lasts 90 seconds, during which time the handcuffed player can only walk and cannot draw any weapons or teleport. The Detective can remove the handcuffs at will, or after 90 seconds the handcuffs will automatically break and release the player. This prevents a high sus player from being able to achieve anything useful, but if the Detective handcuffs the wrong player gives the Traitors a defenseless target.
  2. Gary the Gargoyle

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    -1 from what it looks like the handcuffs are made for RP servers and it takes time to handcuff someone, i dont really see how it would be practical on a ttt server, i like your ideas on how to implement it on the server but i think it would be a bit OP to be able to handcuff anyone who is Hsus'd, with every other D weapon they give the traitor an ability to fight back to some degree, this would not allow that. And if it takes time to handcuff someone then Ts would most likely not agree to being handcuffed (or not stay still long enough to be handcuffed) just as Ts usually refuse to use testers so would most likely be a waste of a credit.
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    But also people would not just use it on hsus players or whatever, just gives the minges another opportunity to ruin the gaming experience for other players. Lets say a particular group doesn't like someone and all agree to constantly handcuff that player whenever they are detectives. No guarantee it would be used *properly*
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    -1 if people spam the handcuffs it tends to ruin the gameplay and it doesn't actually aid the detectives to get an advantage on the traitors.

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