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  1. Derp proper

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    Nov 20, 2017
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    NOTE: I will be less active until the 1st of June as i have exams and need to do a bit for them. will still try to play as much as possible but at reduced amount (Edit since wasn't clear before)

    Steam Name: Derp

    Steam ID: STEAM_0:1:121299570

    Steam Community:
    Age: 16

    Time Played: upload_2018-5-13_13-19-47.png

    Date of first joining server: august 2016 (gametracker says november last year but i only joined forums then) (i also have a photo dated from 27/9/2016 in the arcadia shop menu if you want the photo just dm me)

    Compulsory Questions: (1-2 Sentences Required)
    Answers here should be concise and to the point but if you need to go overboard to get your point across this is fine

    1. What drove you to apply to be a trial admin?
    The dedication that people have to the server which make it enjoyable and that is something that i would like to contribute to.
    2. What assets would you bring to the admin team if you were to be accepted?
    If i were to be accepted i would bring activeness, and also try to bring enjoyment
    3. How many hours on average do you spend on the server and over which time of day? Would this likely change drastically over the medium term?
    generally i spend around 2 hours on the server at a time, however it can vary as of exams or going on holidays which can't be helped
    4. Have you had any past experience as a moderator/administrator? If yes, give specifics as much as you can and also explain what lead to you leaving them.
    5. Have you received any punishment from our admin team besides the inevitable slays for RDM? Give as much detail as you can.
    Not in the almost 2 years that i have played on the server, no.
    6. In your opinion what is the single best quality for an administrator of Arcadia to possess and how would you work towards having this as a trial admin?
    Encouragement, such as allowing people to enjoy the server completely and get the most out of playing on it.
    7. List the current Staff Members of Arcadia Gaming.
    Owner Rainy, MitsuNeko
    Developer Yanzie
    Community Managers Ailuros, Newman, Xylooe
    Admin AJ, Tanix, Cheeky, Heptic, Logic, Rybie, Harribo, Gary, Thungo, Scorpina,

    Situational Acts: (Paragraph Required)
    These situations are designed to test what you might look to do or think about given the situation as these can and will arise. However we do not require perfect answers and it is likely that everyone will have a different response which is correct in its own way. Look for what you don't know or what information is omitted. If you are stuck you may always ask a Community Manager to help guide you, they are here to help.

    1. A group of about 4 newbies join the server during the current round and you are the only staff member online. One of them has the name “Nucking Figger” and another has the name “Myself”. One of the other 2 begins to read the !motd and deliberately mention every disallowed word/topic such as “Wow, I can’t talk about how great Hitler was or how much the holo-costed?”. The final one starts to deep-throat his microphone and prevent anyone else from being heard over his singing/shouting. In the meantime you ran a server command to show that they are all steam friends with each other. How do you handle this situation?
    First of all i would kick the person with the name "Nucking Figger" asking to change their name as it counts as a rude term. Secondly i would also kick the person with the name Myself as it would allow the possibility for people to be confused and some people could think that it is a KOS on a specific person and could lead to RDM. Thirdly i would mute/gag the person reading out the motd and repeating everything that is not allowed. I would also gag the person who is spamming their mic. I would also keep an eye out for anything that looks like metagaming and if i found sufficient evidence of it i would ban those that are involved
    2. You and a fellow staff member are currently online when 2 new players join together. During the next round one of the players proceeds to destroy 4-5 traitors single-handed, most of whom report him. Upon reflecting on the round you notice that the other new player was a traitor and once the reports are finished it seems the innocent had very weak to no reason to kill the traitors. Your fellow staff member doesn’t seem to have noticed anything suspicious and is looking to slay/ban them for RDM. How do you proceed?
    I would message the other admin about what i thought was going on and see if they have an opinion on what was going on and whether they thought it was metagaming, and if there is enough evidence to prove it then i would ban those involved
    3. A well known respected player is exploiting a map glitch/error to make themselves invulnerable and/or block off an area for the players. How do you deal with this?
    I would simply start off by asking them to stop the map exploitation, if it continued i would tp them to a place where they cannot be exploiting and give them enough time so they don't get killed immediately after the tp
    4. You join the forums late one night to find that a few people are causing problems on them for others. One person is spamming the shoutbox with links to NSFW websites and images. A second is posting multiple messages in a recent respected application and harassing the player unmercifully. The third one begins to spam new threads all around the forums with no real reason to do so. Explain what you might do.
    First of all i would delete all the links and the unnecessary messages on the application, then delete all the spam that the third person is creating and if it really came down to it, i would remove their ability to use chat
    5. You are dealing with an RDM report. The ‘victim’ is clearly RDM’d by the ‘reported player’ but in the report the ‘victim’ just puts “Kill yourself you stupid N*****”. Explain how you would proceed with this report.
    I would ask the victim if he would consider making another report as this report holds inappropriate content and that if they wanted the reported person to be slain then they would have to make a proper report. In addition to that i would speak to the RDMer and say that the only reason he didn't get slain is because of the poor report.
    6. You are dealing with an RDM report. In the report the ‘victim’ claims that the ‘reported player’ attempted to RDM him. The ‘victim’ therefore shot the ‘reported player’ in self defence but ultimately was shot by the detective for it. The ‘reported player’ claims that he was shooting a wall pretty clearly and that the ‘victim’ deliberately ran in front of it to justify shooting and reporting him. You sigh to yourself sip your coffee and start to check the evidence. Explain how you might resolve this situation.
    Starting off by look at the death scene, just to make sure that the victim wasn't making it up and whether it was actually reasonable to kill the reported player. The detective could have had many valid reasons as to why they killed the victim but if the death scene shows that the bullets were not near or at the wall then there would be no slay as it would have been high sus for t-baiting.
    Final Note:
    If you have any questions or things you want to discuss/disclose before proceeding or simply want to have a chat you are more than welcome to private message the Community Managers for any reason. We want the transition to staff member to be as simple as possible and for you to feel welcome as one of us should you be accepted.


    As an Administrator of Arcadia, you are responsible for protecting the server and keeping the peace. You are also assigned as the Community Representative, which means you are to:

    • Not abuse the rank given to you
    • Not to go on other Servers/Communities and disrupt their activities. (Spamming, Abusing, etc.)
    • Not to Use your Rank as Bragging rights to Other Players
    • Not to let personal feelings obstruct your duty
    If any of these rules are broken, you will be stripped of your rank and will not be able to re-apply unless you wait 1 month and re-apply (Unlikely to be re-accepted). The Administration team will not tolerate users who give this community a bad reputation.

    I Derp, Acknowledge the requirements and prerequisites that are needed to become Trial Admin in the community. I recognize this as a prestigious rank held by the most trusted in the community and by joining the order, I promise not to turn on the community by abusing my powers. I devote my prowess in Administration to the Community Managers and strive to provide a fun to play server with minimal discrimination.
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  2. UberZee

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    May 19, 2016
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    You may be a nice guy and have a good application but you mentioned that you will be inactive until the 1st of june and I don't think we need anybody who is going to be inactive getting staff. Maybe next time around!
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  3. ɐpuɐd

    ɐpuɐd #exposed Staff Member TTT Admin

    Apr 11, 2018
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    -1 For the same reason as Uberz
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  4. Burtmin

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    Aug 3, 2016
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  5. Bonnie Bon Bon

    Bonnie Bon Bon Big Boi Bon Elite

    Jan 17, 2017
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    +1 good guy always respectful to play with. Been around for sometime too so knows the community well.
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  6. Siggers

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    Jan 25, 2017
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    Didn't see this coming Derp, but good on yah for giving it a go. You are a nice player and have been around for a sufficient amount of time, like geez, thats when I started and that feels lime yonks ago.
    First off who spells Xylo that way anymore lol :p
    Ensure you warn the name people before you kick them, give them a 1 round grace period or whatever to read the rules before going through with a kick. These names can be allowed on some servers so they aren't always used to be mingey. And make sure you send a little pm to the people you gag/mute explaining why they got punished or what they should be doing such as "not saying racist terms in chat".
    You need a little more proof for 1 month, let alone perma bans then just opinions from other admins. Meta test them (not gonna go through the procedure for that because my fingers are getting sore), check pms or whatever to collect solid proof before a ban is used.
    Good job here for warning them, however more severe punishment can be used occasionally such as slays or strikes on their ranks for severe cases.
    Regard this report if its only the victims first offensive one, however warn them to not repeat otherwise they will get disregarded and maybe even slain for false reports.

    Thats all the criticism I have for your application. Please don't take it to heart though, these are things you can improve on easily. However I don't think you are ready for admin just yet. Sometimes you can act a little childish, which I feel weird saying since you are the same age as me, however Admin requires utmost maturity (this doesn't mean you can't have fun) and I also don't know how you'd cope with handling a full server. Become more versed in the motd, learn from any criticism, and just help out whenever you can.
    So for this time its a -1. Sorry derp but I definitely hope to see you improve and reapply next application. :)
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  7. nutters

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    Sep 6, 2017
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    Agreeing with UberZee - If you are going to become inactive after a while, don't bother applying, wait until exams are over and another trial admin opens up. I have had a lot of assignments all hit me at once, and exams for me are all over the place, so I haven't even bothered asking if I could attempt one (cause my playtime in not in qualification) because I can't make the commitment. I would be no use if I can't make it on.
    -1, but wait until you you finish up your exams, and I'm sure you will feel a lot better for it as well
  8. Newman

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    Oct 22, 2016
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    Unfortunately your application has been denied this time, take on board the feedback given here and we'd be happy to see you apply next time around. Feel free to contact a CM for any further clarification.
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