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    Thread Title: <Your Name> - Ban Appeal

    Steam Name: <Insert Name>

    Steam ID: <Insert Steam Name>

    Steam Community: <Insert Link>

    Admin who Banned you: <Name of Administrator>

    Reason of Ban: <Insert Reason>

    Your Explanation of the Situation: <Give 1 paragraph on the events that led to the ban>

    Why you should be unbanned: <Give 1 paragraph reflecting on what you have done to get yourself banned and why you should be unbanned>


    Points to Note:
    • Keeping your appeal clean will allow us to get a clearer view on what happened
    • Please follow the template provided. We will NOT unban you if you provide an appeal that is substandard
    • Using Profanity in your appeal is ruled against
    • Abusing anyone in your appeal will get it rejected and (in some cases) have the ban extended
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